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Recent Projects

A Portfolio of Awesomeness

Immersive Tunnel

360 Digital Tunnel

A 360 Tunnel for PETRONAS that showcased the future of Oil and Gas in Malaysia to international delegates from the largest Oil & Gas partners in the region.

Tabletop Touchscreens

Interactive Tabletop

State of the art interactive cocktail tables made for the ADIPEC exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Custom Touchscreen App

MAC Cosmetics Avatar Maker

Fun lifestyle app for MAC Cosmetics as guests can design, share and print their custom avatars utilising MAC products.

Eventstream Malaysia

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Event Experiences

From immersive tunnels to custom curated launch gimmicks and much more.

Interactive Techology

Upgrading your events with interactive technology, digital games and more.

Registration Systems

Custom registration systems utilising QR codes, instant tag printing solutions and self check in systems.

Virtual Platforms

Landing pages, event hubs, livestream pages and full virtual events.


TV touchscreens, object recognition, large scale touchscreens, circular table top and touch content development.

Custom Solutions

Throw us your idea and we will build it. Our tech teams are at your service and are only bound by imagination.

Engage your Guests

Creating immersive

We are a technology based event company specialising in the production and programming of custom event technology from registration systems, interactive screens, launch gimmicks, virtual platforms and more.

Interactive technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing events by creating engagement, participation, and memorable experiences.

Through interactive elements like live polling, virtual reality experiences, and interactive displays, attendees become active participants rather than passive observers.

This promotes greater involvement, facilitates networking, knowledge sharing, and overall enjoyment. Interactive technology enables organizers to gather valuable insights, track attendee preferences, and tailor future events to meet their audience's evolving needs.

In today's digital age, leveraging interactive technology has become indispensable for creating dynamic and impactful event experiences that leave a lasting impression.


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