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How Event Stream worksGiving events a new life

We provide 360 services in conducting small or largescale streaming events.

Unlimited Viewers

Unlike other platforms we have no restriction on viewers. Our platforms and servers can handle millions of simultaneous viewers without any compromise on quality.

Comprehensive Production Services

We provide end to end services for live events including studio rentals, custom set design, video crew, talent, live graphics and live vfx.

Livestream Everywhere

Opt for our multistream package and you can livestream on 30 different platforms simultaneously including private platforms, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, Instagram Live and many more

Remote Shooting

We can work with speakers from multiple locations as we are compatible via any web conference software.


Fully customizable solutions by adding chat, Q and A, polling and custom gamification features.

No Subscriptions

Pay as you go, we don't require any subscription to services

A Little Bit About Our Services

Our Offerings

Hear from Matt and Mariana on what we offer.

Our Studios

Aside from custom studio sets. We have two ready made state of the art mega studios that incorporate a range of film quality tech including hi-def video screens, green screens, concert lighting, augmented reality, live vfx integration, 4k cameras and more. All at a very affordable rate. Check out our demo videos below

A Fully Customizable Experience

Tailor your livestream event in every imaginable way.

Custom URLs . Web Design . Custom Sets . Talent . Interactive Features . Content

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